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5,534 electric autos registered since EV policy launch

The capital has registered brisk sales of e-autos over the last few months, the Delhi government said Saturday as it announced its plan to simplify the registration process of electric three-wheelers in the coming days.

Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said since the launch of the Delhi government’s electric vehicle (EV) policy in August 2020, as many as 5,534 new electric three-wheelers have been registered. “The Delhi government has led the way in promoting e-rickshaws over the last few years by extending a subsidy of Rs 30,000 per purchase. After the EV policy, the same subsidy has been extended to e-carts/loaders and e-autos. Scrapping incentives of up to Rs 7,500 are also available. E-autos can complement e-rickshaws in providing zero pollution last-mile connectivity in Delhi. Delhi government will soon bring out a scheme to facilitate easy registration of e-autos,” he said.

According to the minister, the subsidies and incentives help reduce the price of e-autos by up to 26%. Also, a person stands to save Rs 29,000 annually by switching to e-autos, Gahlot added.

He shared the numbers as the government’s ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign entered its second week. The campaign seeks to make people aware about the benefits of switching to EVs.

Under the EV policy, 177 three-wheeler models of 68 manufacturers are available and eligible for purchase and scrapping incentives.

The EV policy has been notified for a period of three years, following which it can be renewed in the present form or after suitable amendments. It has set an ambitious target of ensuring that electric vehicles account for 25% of all new vehicle registrations in the national capital by 2024, to bring about a “material improvement” in Delhi’s air quality.

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