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Chandigarh: 21 less species spotted during Bird Race 2021 in comparison with previous year

SOUTHERN GREYSHRIKE, little forktail, southern grey shrike and erusian bullfinch- a mighty coloured bird are among at least 21 species which were not spotted during the Bird Race 2021, which was held in the Inter-State Chandigarh Region (ISCR) on Sunday.

Only a few species, including scaly breasted cupwing and brown flanked bush warbler, made their appearances before the watchful eyes of bird enthusiasts during the event. A vocal bird species, white crested laughing thrush was spotted in Morni hills.

In the Bird Race-2020, a total 241 bird species were spotted. Birders attributed various reasons including less rain and the comparatively hot weather to the low spotting of birds. Species, which were elusive this time also include white eye buzzard, a hawk, spotted forktail and little forktail. The compiled figures, shared on Monday, suggest that 220 bird species were spotted by at least 14 teams of the members of Chandigarh Bird Club (CBC).

CBC President Mitinderpal Singh Sekhon said, “As there is no scientific study about the subject of recording of less species in the Inter State Chandigarh Region (ISCR), it is difficult to comment on any exact reasons behind this trend. But a general observation is that less fruiting is because of the less rain. Teams of birders did not find abundant water in water sources near Chakki mod in Solan of Himachal Pradesh. A perception here is that in dry winters, there are always chances that birds will be seen less.”

CBC, which was constituted in 2008 with six members, has now 75 life members along with the institutional memberships from various schools, colleges and corporate houses.

Team Kestrel, which spotted the highest number of birds- 189, comprised Vikas Sharma, Mohit Kohli, Saiyam Nagar and Sidharth Nagar. The second team, Black Baza, comprised Shruti, Sunny, Gurjeet Virk and Dikshant. Team Falcon included Rick Toor, Nitin Singh, Karmannye Chaudhary and Baljeet Kaur. Team Falcon had spotted 160 birds of various species.

The ISCR covers the area of Chakki Mod in Solan, Morni Hills in Panchkula, Chhatbir, water bodies including Mote Majra, Siswan Dam, Mirzapur Dam in Mohali, Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh, along with other areas.

The rare bird, Northren Lapwing, was declared as the Bird of the Day during the event. The bird race was coordinated by the eminent bird watcher, Rima Dhillon, who is the general secretary of Chandigarh Bird Club. On this occassion, CBC’s website ‘’ was also launched.

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