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Five simple ways to give your home a trendy makeover

The pandemic played spoilsport last year; but with things looking slightly better in the new year, it is time to do something fun and useful around the house. So how about undertaking a DIY home makeover?

“You can enlist the help of your family members for this makeover and make a fun family project out of it. Use your creativity, imagination, art supplies, and leftover paint to recreate, repair, and reinvent your space,” says Mahesh Anand, President – Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited (Decorative Division).

Below, he shares five ways you can show some love to your sweet abode.

Start with some deep-cleaning

You can start the makeover by cleaning those areas of the house that are hard to reach and the ones you don’t clean regularly otherwise. Think ceiling fans, windows, curtains, mats, and sofa. For everything that is dry, use a vacuum cleaner to get it done easily. While cleaning areas above ground, cover all the furnishings below and don’t forget to wear a mask!

Organise your place

With ample leisure time at hand, the timing is ideal to organise or reorganise your home. When you’re done with cleaning and changing the aesthetics of your home, see if you want to change the furniture settings. Move the bed, table, sofa, or any desk to evoke a change. Walk around your home, you will definitely find something that you can modify, clean, arrange, restore or shift to a different place. Once you have organised every section of your home, find a place for every item in your home. Racks come in handy when you are working to keep things organised.

It is enriching to create your own workspace that doesn’t allow you to get distracted. (Photo: Pixabay)

Create a cool workspace for your WFH

If you are working from home right now, you are sure to already have a designated spot for it. However, during the organising process, if you find a section of your home that is better suited for your work desk, then make a quick shift. It is enriching to create your own workspace that doesn’t allow you to get distracted and also increases your productivity in the process. 

Make your own wall art

Choose the wall where you would like to create your mural/artwork. Start by wiping the wall and check if the wall’s surface is smooth. You need to scrub the wall to remove old paint flakes, flatten the surface, and make it even and easy to work on. After sanding the wall, apply a layer of primer to give extra grip to the paint. Some apply wall putty over the sanded surface and then apply primer. Once you’re done with your choice, and the surface of the wall is ready and dry, it is all set for your artistic touches. Once you’ve decided what you are going to draw or paint on the wall, start the outline with measurements and pencils. When you’re happy with the outline, fill-in with vibrant colours. You can use your brushes, stencils, and spray cans to achieve the desired effect. If you are not comfortable with painting, some well-placed wall vinyl or an interesting photo collage is sure to add some instant character to the wall.

Get creative with the placements of the planters. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Add some green inside your home

There are several kinds of plants you can keep indoors. You can even transfer plants from the garden or your regular pots into different planters. Get some interesting pots and racks to keep in every room. It will lend your home a more calming, refreshing, and pleasant vibe. You can reuse or repurpose different articles as planters – old bottles, teapots, soup bowls, old copper utensils, paint containers, etc. Get creative with the placements of the planters too – on top of drawers, on bookshelves, or by windows. And a planter for your work desk, well that’s a must. 

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