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Gujarat local body polls: At Rajpipla, Paatil takes a dig at BTP-AIMIM alliance

Gujarat BJP president CR Paatil, who is on a blitzkreig campaign for the local body elections, held a rally in Rajpipla in Narmada district, where the election is high stakes for the party that has been out of power in the district and taluka panchayats, except Garudeshwar taluka.

Taking a dig at the alliance forged by the Bhartiya Tribal Party (BTP) and the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), Paatil challenged BTP supremo and MLA from Jhagadia in Bharuch, Chhotu Vasava, to retain his assembly seat in the 2022 Assembly polls.

Without naming AIMIM chief Owaisi or his party, Paatil said, “The BJP works and earns the hearts of the people through their votes. In your area (Rajpipla), someone has turned up from Hyderabad… have you heard of him? The BJP had taught them a lesson in the Municipal Corporation elections of Hyderabad… Gujarat is a land of intellectuals. It is a land where the citizens understand what is best for their own interest.”

At the event, two prominent Congress members from the district Nikunj Patel and Manoj Tadvi joined the BJP. Launched a scathing attack at Chhotu Vasava,Paatil said, “The BTP has been exploiting the people for several years. Now the Hyderabad people have joined them… But we defeat them together and send them home. In the upcoming Assembly election, even Chhotubhai (Vasava) will go home…”

The BJP, which could not establish control over the taluka panchayats in Nandod, Dediapada and Sagbara as well as the district panchayat of Narmada in the 2015 polls, has a lot at stake as the district of Narmada is on the tourism map with the coming up of the Statue of Unity in Kevadia in Garudeshwar Taluka — the only taluka panchayat that the BJP won in 2015.

“People who held power so far never worked for development. It has left the voters in a state of confusion and distrust. They have been betrayed… But if you join with the BJP, you will elect an honest party and strengthen it to work for the tribal rights…,” Paatil said.

Speaking of the “opportunity” that the BJP is offering the tribal community by building the SoU, Paatil said, “If you allow the Congress or the BTP to take power here, they will do what Rajiv Gandhi once said, ‘When I send Re 1, only 25 paise reaches the actual person it is meant for’. If you feel that this fund should reach you, for your future and the future of your children, you will have to bid them a goodbye and choose BJP…”

Paatil added that the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a “lot in store” for Narmada district. “Narenda Modi decided to build the Statue of Unity… He chose this land, where no birds came calling– today there is a seaplane, railway line, four lane highways…,” he said.

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