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Kristen Bell is all praises for the ‘tireless work’ of frontline workers

Actor Kristen Bell is immensely proud of frontline healthcare staff, and even has a special message for them. She told the People magazine recently: “I’d like to say I’m so grateful you are finally getting the recognition you deserve. I am in awe of the sacrifices you have made.”

The 40-year-old was showering praises on them, for their efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She added: “More than words of gratitude, I want to make sure they are seeing tangible rewards for their acts of service. That can take many shapes. It might mean donating money to help send their kid to college or dropping off a coffee. Their tireless work deserves it all.”

According to the People report, Bell has a firsthand understanding of healthcare workers, their work and their significance, since she has witnessed her mother Lorelei work as a nurse.

“I learned how empowering it is to care for someone else and the importance of recognising when you have to put others before yourself,” she said about watching her mother care for patients every day.

“My mother would come home with stories and I was able to glean that helping a person affects so much more than that one person,” Bell was quoted as saying. “It affects their families, their friends, their colleagues [and more]. If you help one person, you are actually helping 100 other people. We are like stones thrown in a pond — there is a massive ripple effect.”

Per the report, the celebrated actor also reflected on the meaningful lesson that she learnt when her husband Dax Shepard lost his father to lung cancer in 2012, and his stepdad to prostate cancer in 2018.

“I’ve learnt there isn’t a road map to caring for someone who is sick and there certainly isn’t a road map to handling grief after their passing. Leaning on family members helped us and sharing the caregiving duties so that the weight didn’t fall on just one person,” she explained.

“Everyone needs to be able to have a tap-out buddy if they want to go on a walk, check something off their own to-do list or simply have a good cry.”

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