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Worsening law-and-order situation result of a free hand for police: Akhilesh Yadav

Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav on Friday targeted the BJP government over the law-and-order situation in the state, saying it was “believing what the police are telling them”. He slammed the state administration for giving a free hand to the police, saying it had resulted in rising custodial deaths, fake encounters, and crimes against women.

“What the police are saying once, the government is accepting it and the same thing is being repeated by the BJP. What happened in Hathras? And what happened to a mother in Badaun? Two sisters lost their lives in Unnao, and one is fighting for her life. There are repeated incidents in Unnao. Who is responsible for this? When the government gives a free hand to the police, this is what happens,” the former chief minister said at a press conference here.

On February 12, a protest was held in Jaunpur after a 25-year-old man allegedly died in police custody. A station house officer (SHO) and three police constables were suspended after the incident.

Akhilesh went on to speak about custodial deaths in the state and said UP had recorded the “highest number of custodial killings and fake encounters”.

“You must have heard about the Jaunpur incident. Police beat up a person and when they realised he may die, early in the morning, they left him at the hospital and fled. The youth died. This is not the only incident in UP. The highest custodial deaths and fake encounters have happened in UP. Who is responsible for this?” he asked.

The SP chief added, “You should check the crime numbers for the state. The highest number of crimes against women are being reported from UP.”

Referring to the death of the suspected primary shooter in the Ajit Singh case in a police shootout in Lucknow on Monday, Akhilesh said, “The government is humiliating and disrespecting people. This is happening from the first day of this government. The way the fake encounters started in the state after this government came to power. This is a government whose CM had cases against him. What can you expect from this government? This is the first government, which only inaugurates, lays foundations and signs MoUs.”

Giridhari Vishwakarma alias Doctor was accused of gunning down the former block president from Mau district here last month. He was killed by the police after he allegedly attempted to flee after being taken to a place where he had allegedly hidden the murder weapon.

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Akhilesh told reporters that his party would continue to support the ongoing farmers’ movement to repeal three agricultural laws that the BJP-led Centre pushed through Parliament last September.

“The election in 2022 will be decided by those who have been left helpless by the BJP… The BJP has been saying that they will double farmers’ income, but now when the time to deliver has come, they have made new laws that will leave the farmers in deep trouble. Along with this, the youths are also in trouble. There are no jobs,” the SP chief added.

Talking about inflation and rising fuel prices, he said, “Diesel and petrol prices have become so high…Remember, when the price of fuel goes up, prices of other things go up as well. Where are these profits going – the high taxes on prices of diesel and petrol. Where is the money going?”

He claimed that every sector was being sold. “When everything will be sold, the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution will not be left,” Akhilesh added.

At the press conference, several leaders, including former minister and BSP MLA R K Chaudhary, joined the SP.

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